Our ambassadors are all leading their own adventures, and we just tag along for the occasional swim.


We are delighted to have teamed up with The Wild Swimming Brothers trio, given our shared ethos and love of open water swimming, its a perfect fit.

The Wild Swimming Brothers: Robbie, Calum and Jack Hudson. Born in Cumbria but raised in the Lake District, they grew up exploring the outdoors, lakes and waterways; so as they reached adulthood and each moved to big cities, they quickly decided that they needed to do something to break free and they committed to going on wild swimming adventures and exploring the world by water.

The brothers started out with the odd open water swim here and there, before deciding to swim for nine days and 90 miles down the River Eden near their childhood home. This event and the one that followed, Into The Maelstrom, were both world-first attempts. Their many expeditions have allowed them to raise awareness of wild swimming whilst also building up a strong following, making them perfect ambassadors.


The Wild Swimming Brothers



We are not just another sports brand, we are a doing brand that want to surround ourselves with likeminded people who are living and breathing their own adventures. We have a fantastic group of people who make up Team Selkie, from Ice Swimmers, Marathon Swimmers, Surfers turned open water athlete, swimmers for physical recovery, swimmers for mental health and well being, and of course just for the love.

Meet the team and follow their adventures.

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