About us


In the summer of 2004 Selkie’s two founders Jeremy Laming and Tom Kean swam the Henley Royal Regatta course at four in the morning! Not because they are insomniacs, but because it was the only safe time to do it with all those rowers. From that first morning, a legendary swimming event was born in The Henley Classic.

In 2004 swimming in the open water seemed radical and daring. But now we are reclaiming our rivers, lakes and seas, it is all much more accessible. It’s our imagination that holds us back, not our kit.

Jeremy and Tom were not satisfied with what swimming or triathlon brands had to offer, as they did not truly understand the needs of open water swimmers. The time had come for a new direction and so a more focused brand was created for open water swimmers, Selkie.

We are more than just another sports brand – we are a community that wants you to enjoy the journey with us and do something that is life affirming. Move outside your comfort zone and swim where there is no chlorine to sting your eyes nor black lines to follow.

We are passionate about empowering open water swimmers of all abilities to push their personal boundaries.